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Cheap Indoor Playground Equipment

An Indoor playground is a place that helps to keep children busy and active as they explore and exercise the new play system. They are also able to interact with other kids and learn basic physical skills. Indoor playground equipment is not completely different from the outdoor one only that they are smaller, softer and modular.

Cheap Indoor playground equipment is a new category of amusement ride by Beston that includes both powered and non-powered types of equipment. Beston amusement has been known to be a manufacturer and supplier of large amusement park rides such as bumper cars, carousels, Ferris, roller coaster, trackless train and wheel rides.

Cheap Indoor playground equipment is suitable for activities in schools, parks, shopping malls, gardens, kindergartens, villas, and supermarket. This facility is also regarded as an education tool that parents can use to teach their kids and help them to sharpen skills such as hand and feet coordination, balancing as well as mastering techniques. Additionally, it’s a good investment that has high returns, meaning that it’s a viable business project.

Types of cheap Indoor playground equipment

The available types of cheap indoor playground equipment have been designed to teach the playing kids elements of sharing, coordination, cooperation, and imagination. Their differences come in terms of size, type, age limit, modularity and skills required.

(1). Residential indoor playground equipment

This is a tool that offers optimum home entertainment for the children. It’s made up of galvanized metal and has some plastic parts. The outer cover is made of a soft covering PVC while the posts are standard galvanized steel pipe. Examples of residential types of equipment are

  • BNR-01 73 Square meters Kiddie kiddie equipment
  • BNR-02 77 Square meters Kiddie equipment
  • BNR-03 Large Apple equipment
  • BNR-04 120 Square meters large equipment
  • BNR-05 Kiddie equipment
  • BNR-06 Equipment

Basic features

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor as well as parks and malls
  • If used for indoor, they can be used for all the four seasons
  • There’re no sharp/dangerous corners/edges thus safe for kids
  • Their components are created from non-toxic materials and durable thermoplastic that are UV treated.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain

(2). Preschool indoor equipment

This is a tool that’s suitable for places such as kindergarten, daycares and pirate schools. There exists a variety of these types of equipment that are designed to cater to various kid’s needs. The equipment can be customized to suitable sizes, colors, and features. They are made of high-quality materials to ensure the safety of the children. Examples of this equipment include:

  • BIP-01 Kiddie equipment
  • BIP-02 Large equipment
  • BIP-03 equipment
  • BIP-04 Large size equipment
  • -BIP-05 Beston equipment
  • BIP-06 Small equipment

(3). Naughty Castle

This is one of the cheap indoor playground equipment that has been designed with regards to the traits of the kids through combining science to produce a set of puzzles, amusement, and sports as well as fitness. This is referred to as the children’s palace where they can enjoy drilling, climbing, jumping, shaking, sliding as well as swinging and rolling. It’s equipped with electric toys, water games, and inflatable games. It can be used in schools, gardens, villas, parks and also in kindergartens. Here are some of its examples:

  • BNN-01 Large Green Theme castle
  • BNN-02 Castle
  • BNN-03 Large size castle
  • BNN-04 Beston castle
  • BNN-05 Extra large castle
  • BNN-06 Blue Theme castle

Basic features

  • It’s designed for kids around age 3-13 years
  • Strict quality control
  • Comes in various themes such as ocean and jungle theme
  • The size can be customized
  • Have two to three layers
  • It has game toys like the coconut tree and electric piano
  • Suitable for kids who are less than 140 cm tall

What to consider when choosing a cheap indoor playground equipment

  1. Comprehensive game- This involves evaluating the preferences of the targeted kids. Whether they love to drill, swing or jump or any other characteristics. Consider selecting equipment for india that thrills children in a safe and secure environment.
  2. Educative- A good tool enhances the skills and intelligence of the kids as well as boosting their courage
  3. Installation- It should have components that are easy to install
  4. High quality and cheap- The material should ensure the safety of the children
  5. Lastly, keep in mind its cost, capacity of kids and the age limit.